Who makes On Poin t Body so great!


Being a mom of a two year old boy keeps Kelly always on the move. Offering comfortable waxing, teaching upbeat classes, and making sure everyone in the studio is well taken care of is her goal. Fitness really became a passion for Kelly when Surfset entered the picture. Kelly hopes to help others achieve their fitness goals through such a unique fun style of fitness.

Kelly's classes are fun and full of great music. Her goal is to bring out your inner surfer and help you create the ultimate surfer body. Long lean muscles can be achieved by pushing your hardest through 45 second intervals. Get ready for a full body surf inspired workout that will leave you smiling and craving more. 

Surfset Trainer/Esthetician


Caycee is a wild, fun-loving fitness fanatic. You can find her either adventuring with her family or in the gym adding something new to her workout routine. She's got a passion for people, and has been endlessly fascinated by health, fitness & nutrition since she started her journey as a teenager. Caycee is also (finally) studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer, so she'll never have to "work" a day in her life! She believes in trying new things, never getting bored, and enjoying a healthy balance in life. 


Caycee's classes are challenging, unpredictable and fun. She enjoys cardio and strength conditioning intervals in her routines in order to reveal lean muscle. She's a stickler for proper form, as well as a believer in the healing power of stretching. 

Surfset Trainer


Margarit brings her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle to the SurfSet board. When she's not teaching SurfSet , Margarit is running, or weight lifting. 

Margarit's classes bring a combination of fun, challenging strength building, balance and cardio moves that get your heart rate up and work your whole body. 


While physical activity is such a huge part of Margarit's life, she also very much enjoys dance parties with her 3 year old daughter, Scrabble, photography and cupcakes.

Surfset Trainer


The first thought in Christine's head most mornings is what her workout will be for the day. That obsession with fitness has been with her for years. She is constantly striving to challenge her body in new ways. Surfset gives her just that challenge and makes working out fun.


Christine makes sure that her classes are always fast paced and fun! With the use of upbeat music and her encouragement, the time flies in her Surfset class, as everyone pushes themselves through high intensity cardio and isolating muscle groups with strength training. Her goal is always for everyone to leave sweaty and with a smile on their face!

Surfset Trainer